CPHVA 2019 annual professional conference

CPHVA is the world’s professional organisation for health visitors, school nurses and other community nurses working in primary care. On Wednesday 16th October, Probio7 travelled to Harrogate to attend the CPHVA Annual Professional Conference and had the pleasure of chatting to hundreds of healthcare visitors and nurses. This was a great opportunity for us to chat to them and learn more about their role. One of the consistent themes that came up was the prevalence of infant colic and the lack of resolutions available to parents.

Therefore, the conference was a brilliant opportunity for us to discuss the use of probiotics in paediatrics and the use of Bifikalm, our infant probiotic drops to help parents manage and treat infant colic. Another issue that was highlighted amongst many of the nurses was the prevalence of sick days amongst children due to digestive issues, like constipation.Constipation can be caused by several factors including poor diet, illness and stress and laxatives are often the last solution. Therefore, we were delighted to share with the nurses our probiotic for children, Kidskalm. Kidskalm contains a highly researched and clinically proven probiotic strain LGG that can help improve digestion and immunity in children.

For more information on the use of probiotics in paediatrics please click here.

 Probio7 at conference