At Probio7 we want to give you the support and knowledge to help you live a healthier life. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for other products that could make a real difference to you.  

Our products of the month are the Neuners mum and baby range, Neuners Pregnancy tea and Neuners Nursing tea.  

Neuners Nursing Tea X Probio7 Bifikalm  

Ensuring your infant has the best start in life is vital. At Probio7 we want to make sure you have the tools and resources to do this.  

A person's lifelong health is largely set during the first 1000-day window from preconception through pregnancy and into infancy. Healthy nutrition during this window is vital to support both maternal health and the development of the infant.    

During these 1000 days, your infants gut microbiome will be developing. This development is vital to support their immune and digestive system and can impact long term health. The development of their gut can be disturbed through delivery mode, feeding method and antibiotic usage.   

Infant drops containing friendly bacteria is one way to support your infant’s gut microbiome. Friendly bacteria drops can deliver good bacteria, like species of Bifidobacteria, to your infants' gut to support the development of their microbiome and immune system. This can be especially important for infants who have been born by C-section, are bottle-fed or have been exposed to antibiotics.  

Probio7 Bifikalm   

Probio7 Bifikalm is a natural dietary supplement that has been formulated for infants and children from 2 months+ and onwards. Each bottle contains two strains of friendly bacteria that have been isolated from healthy infant's gut microbiome. 5 drops of Probio7 Bifikalm delivers 1 billion friendly bacteria to your infants stomach to help balance their gut.   

Neuners Nursing Tea  

Breastmilk contains all the nutrients an infant needs for healthy growth and development for their first 6 months of life. It can also help shape an infant's gut microbiome due to the bacteria present in the breastmilk as well as maternal milk factors that affect bacterial growth and metabolism including human milk oligosaccharides, immune cells and anti-microbial factors.  

Neuners Nursing tea has been specially developed for times when Mum's milk is needed most. The combination of fenugreek seeds and fennel helps to support Mum's milk production. The blend also contains aniseed and caraway to help Mums relax and unwind. Neuner's nursing tea is naturally sugar and caffeine-free.  

Probio7 Bifikalm alongside Neuners Nursing Tea is the perfect combination to support you and the development of your infant during this important time.