With things starting to open this month we want to make sure you’re still looking after your immune system. Which is why we have teamed up with Drink JIN JIN and Lyferoots to bring you the ultimate immunity bundle!

Three winners will win a bundle worth over £70:  

  • 1 x Lyferoots Multi  
  • 1 x Probio7 Immune+ 
  • 5 x JIN JIN Natural Enzyme Cordial

Why Drink JIN JIN?  

JIN JIN is a cultured fruit and vegetable drink concentrate. Each bottle is carefully crafted with more than 35 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures. This ancient process produces beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes which help us fight off bad bacteria to help maintain good gut health.

Why LyfeRoots?  

LyfeRoots has created a range of bespoke nutritional supplements. Each capsule has been specifically formulated and crafted with the goal of being a supplement of the most bioavailable vitamins and minerals.  

Why Probio7 Immune+?  

70% of our immune cells are located in the gut. Therefore, having a well-functioning gut microbiome can be considered vital to keeping you well.  

Probio7 Immune+ has been specifically formulated as a daily supplement to support your immune system. Each box contains 60 amazing capsules. 30 capsules contain contains 10 billion live bacteria from 8 bacterial strains, plus a well-researched strain of friendly yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii. The remaining 30 capsules contain the clinically studied beta glucan, Wellmune. This has been complemented with the optimum amount of vitamin D to support the immune system.  

These three products have been specifically chosen to support your overall health and wellbeing!  

How do I have a chance in winning this bundle?  

To enter:  

1. Follow Probio7 and like the giveaway post
2. Make sure you've followed Lyferoots & DrinkJinJin too
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