With the world opening up again you might find your gut isn’t as happy as normal. This may be due to eating out again or drinking or alcohol, a different sleep schedule or due to stress and anxiety. At Probio7 we want to make sure that your gut isn't getting in the way of you seeing your friends and family again. This is why we are partnering with JIN JIN to share you with our tips and tricks to look after your gut throughout May. Each week we will cover a different topic.   

Who are JINJIN?  

JIN JIN is a cultured fruit and vegetable drink concentrate. Each bottle is carefully crafted with more than 35 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and cultures. This ancient process produces beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes which help us fight off bad bacteria to help maintain good gut health.  

Alongside the articles, JIN JIN have kindly let us share a unique discount code with our Probio7 customers. Use code PROBIO15 when you purchase JIN JIN for 15% discount*.   

In the meantime, why not check out what JIN JIN has to offer on their website, www.drinkjinjin.com.   

Keep your eye peeled for next week's article which will be all about keeping your gut happy when eating out!   

*Code PROBIO15: code valid once per customer between 01/05/21 and 30/06/21.