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"I am really impressed with the brand, ingredients, ease of administering, dairy free formula and results!"

I have been using Probio kids for my daughter Ella who is 8. She has always suffered with her tummy. Ella has always suffered with her tummy, having had reflux as a baby and not being able to tolerate different foods. We have both noticed that her tummy has been much more settled, and she can tolerate more of the foods she used to react to since using it regularly. 

They like how easy it is to take- Ella has it added to her goat's yoghurt in the morning and can't even taste the powder. 

I am really impressed with the brand, ingredients, ease of administering, dairy free formula and results. 

Henry (4) has been having the powder in his drinks bottle every day for about 5 months, we bought it for him as he has CMPI and often suffers with his tummy. We also wanted to boost his immune system with everything going on at the moment. He was happy to take this. 

Henry hasn’t complained of his tummy aches or reactions to foods since taking the powder. He hasn’t been poorly either (possibly due to lockdown too but even since back at school) he has it in his drinks bottle which he takes to school with him. 

I give my 11 year old a ‘course’ of probio7 over a period of 2 months while he completed his vaccinations for MMR. I have read a lot about vaccinations and links to gut health and did this as a preventative measure and to protect him, and his immune system further while he had this course of vaccinations. Oliver doesn’t have any issues with his tummy or immune system usually, but I felt it important at this time. 

He remained healthy and had no adverse reactions to the vaccination. I am also sure that this helped his immune system over this time. He was happy to take the powder and self-administered it, in his drink, twice a day for the 2 weeks over each vaccination and less often in-between. 

I like how Probio7 has different types as babies and children get older- the sachets are also really convenient and great if you are travelling etc. 

Feedback back from her clients -

I was recommended to give Gracie the probiotics from Hannah as she had a course of antibiotics. She had some tummy aches and a couple of colds too. We thought it would be good to give her gut and immune system a boost. 

Since having the probiotics Gracie has recovered well, her tummy aches have gone, and she seems more healthy in herself. 

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