Probio7 Life Greek Yogurt

Making live Greek yogurt is so easy with the Probio7 Life Yogurt Kit!

How to make live Greek yogurt

The steps for making Greek yogurt start with the same steps as making regular live yogurt. Click the button below to watch an easy to follow video on this

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  • Before first use, add boiling water to your pots to sterilise them
  • Add 1 litre of UHT milk to your glass bottle, along with 1 sachet of Probio7 Happy Gut bacteria. Add the lid to the glass bottle and shake to combine
  • Transfer the mixture to your ceramic pots. You can use 2x 500ml pots, 8x 125ml pots or a combination of the two. Add the corresponding lids
  • Add 400ml of water to your machine. Transfer your ceramic pots to the machine and add the lid
  • Turn on your machine and select function and then the "condensed yogurt" function. Select confirm to start making yogurt
  • Once your yogurt is ready, filter it into a new pot using the Greek strainer provided. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours

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