Snacks that your kids (& their guts) will love!

Children will often come home from school saying they’re hungry and will grab whatever they see first! Leave out healthy choices like veggies and hummus, fruit skewers or peanut butter on rice cakes which they can grab as soon as they come home. Whilst they should be allowed treats sometimes – try and avoid leaving highly processed snacks filled with sugar around the house.


Suggested food swaps –



* Recommended intake of water



Adding probiotics into your kids’ diet can help support their immune system by building up a good supply of good bacteria in their digestive system. Kidskalm comes in flavourless sachets which means they can be sneaked into your child’s routine. Try adding a sachet to their yogurt or in a smoothie. Probiotics are best taken in the morning with breakfast as that’s when your stomach environment is least acidic.


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