Long-COVID Management Free Webinar

Dee Atkinson (FNIMH) and Dr Jack Lambert (Infectious disease consultant) are joining us to discuss Long-COVID and symptom management in detail.


This webinar has now taken place. Missed it? Don't worry, you can view the dicussion via the link below.

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Meet the panel

Webinar Overview

  • What is Long-COVID?

    Long-COVID is used to describe symptoms that last for a few weeks or months after having COVID-19.

  • Who is at greatest risk?

    The severity to which you experience COVID-19 does not impact whether you will get Long-COVID. We'll unpack the risk factors.

  • Symptom Management

    We'll be discussing how medical and herbal interventions can work together to bring the greatest impact to patients.

  • What does the research show?

    We'll be looking at what is currently known about Long-COVID and looking at what we can infer from existing research around viral infections that act in a similar way.

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