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Whilst we recommend using our Jersey UHT milk to make Probio7 Life Yogurt, plant based alternatives can be used. We recommend using soya milk alongside a natural thickener.

Soya Milk

With soya milk, we recommend using a mixture of agar agar and coconut sugar. Don't forget to see our recipes section for top ideas on serving.

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  • Add 1 litre of soya milk, 1 teaspoon of agar agar and 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar to a pan. Place on the hob and heat to 87°C. Heat at this temperature for a few minutes
  • Allow this mixture to cool to less than 40°C. Then add to your glass bottle
  • Add your sachet of Probio7 Life Happy Gut Bacteria to the glass bottle. Add the lid and shake. Transfer your mixture to your ceramic pots and add lids
  • Add 400ml water to the machine and place your pots in. Close the machine. The yogurt setting is default so press confirm
  • Your yogurt will be ready in 8 hours! For a thicker texture, we recommend using the Greek strainer provided in the kit whilst refrigerating for 24 hours

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